Artists Behind the Ink: Dots by Sigma


Location: Finland
Instagram: @dotsbysigma
Facebook: /dotsbysigma/

What we love about Dots by Sigma is detail, detail, detail. That zoom feature on Instagram really earns its keep with his account. Each piece is so delicately crafted you almost forget that they're made up of (hundreds? thousands?) of tiny, little dots. We spoke with Dots by Sigma and got the scoop on his background, his style, and his approach to the craft of tattooing.

So tell us a little bit about yourself
I go by the artist name Dots by Sigma, I tattoo and co-manage a tattoo and piercing studio in Helsinki, Finland called Lävistysliike with my business partner Niko. Ive been working in the tattoo and piercing industry since 2010. 

What style do you primarily work in?
My tattooing style has always been proudly and exclusively dotwork and blackwork. In terms of style I didn't choose dotwork as much as the style chose me. 

How do you approach each design you create?
I gravitate towards a more graphic look that centers around the design process, creating unique custom pieces for my clients. For me, human skin is a priceless canvas that I treat with the upmost respect. This in turn reflects on the amount of work and effort I put into the design process as well as the tattooing itself. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

We loved getting to know the person behind the pics and truly can't get enough of his work. We hope you guys love checking it out as well! Be sure to click through the gallery here on the blog and of course give him a follow over on his Instagram feed which is full of more dotted goodness. 

We've got more profiles like this one to come, so make sure you check back soon for more curated works and the artists behind them.

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