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Hello everyone and happy Friday! Every once in awhile while combing the vast interwebs, we run across fantastic finds in the world of tattooing. Whether it’s a cool new trend, innovations in tattooing or evidence of forward thinking cultural acceptance, we stock up on our favs and pass them on to you in one convenient spot. So, sit back, enjoy your Friday and read up on our finds from around the web:


Tattoo Ink that Monitors Your Health
MIT and Harvard Medical School researchers have created a “proof of concept” that replaces tattoo ink with biosensors that will change colors based on changes in the body like glucose and sodium levels. The project is called TheDermalAbyss — a slightly foreboding name, but this revolutionary technology could provide diabetics (for example) with a beautiful and functional way to monitor their glucose levels in real time.

We’ve seen other companies with temporary tattoos lasting up to two weeks. But they don’t compare to our recent discovery of For those ultra visual folks who need to see it before they ink it, Easy.Ink is made from organic and natural ingredients and are some of the realest fakes we’ve seen. (not to mention beautiful). Their plan is to launch with an extensive library of pre-designed tattoos, and eventually include custom designs — which would be extremely helpful to those of us planning our next piece. Currently they’re on Kickstarter, so not in full swing yet. But from the looks of their proposed timeline, designs are aimed to shop and ship in September of 2017.  

Books for Tats:
Book lover, got a tattoo and looking for some summer reading? Simply tweet a G-rated pic of your ink to the Multnomah County Library in Portland, Ore using the hashtag #Book4Tat and they will give you a personalized book recommendation based on your ink. Pretty sweet, right?  

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