A Call for Submissions: What's Your (tattoo) Story?


Hello everyone! Here at the Goo-d life we aim to create a hub for all things related to aftercare, tattoo inspiration and culture. And we'd love to invite you, our lovely readers, to participate in some of the content we create! If you're interested in being included in a future post or appearing on our (aka Tattoo Goo's) Instagram or Facebook feeds, well then we're talkin' to you! 

What We're Looking For

Our request is (hopefully) a simple one. We want to hear your stories. Your tattoo stories to be more specific. Whether that be the story behind your tattoo (or tattoos), the friendship you've formed with your artist after spending so much time together in the shop, or maybe about the time you wore long sleeves all summer because you didn't want your mom to see your ink. All fantastic! 

Interested? If the answer is yes, keep reading for the submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

  • All info should be sent to us via the submission form on this page.
  • Include your non-fiction story that you've written yourself. (can be anywhere from 100-500 words) 
  • Submit 3-5 images that are relevant to your story
  • Images should be well lit, in focus, and PG-rated . (see our Instagram feed for the types of images we usually post).
  • Your story submission and photos should be owned by you.

Story Selections

We'll choose an undetermined selection of stories to appear here on the blog, as well as on our Instagram and Facebook feeds with credit to the author. We'll also keep the submissions open indefinitely unless otherwise noted here. So feel free to share away, come back,  and then share some more!

When You'll Hear from Us

Once you submit please understand that you'll only hear from us if we're planning on using your content in an upcoming blog or social post . Ok! That's it everyone - thanks in advance for sharing with us!


Submission Entry

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