Stories Behind the Ink: Aaron (VIDEO)


We love meeting new people with great ink. So, from time to time we sit down with someone and get to know them and the stories behind their tattoos. In this case, we spoke with Aaron who told us about his favorites and the significance behind each piece.


Q: Tell me about your first tattoo
A:  I don’t really like my first tattoo. It’s small and it was a little impulsive. I knew I wanted a tattoo, but I didn’t really know what so I ended up getting my initials. It took that, and two others, before I finally hit my stride on the kind of things I wanted tattooed on my body.

The first tattoo that I’d like to actually take credit for would be the one on my chest. It’s a little generic; a cross with wings and clouds, but I really wanted a way to represent my faith on my body.

Q: What is your favorite tattoo?
A: That’s a tough one. It’s a tie between two. The word “blessed” on my arm is a good everyday reminder for me of how lucky I am. When I think about some of the things I’ve been through and experienced throughout my life, I’m reminded of how grateful and truly blessed I am to be here right now.

My second favorite is my tattoo of my grandma's name. She’s the reason I have what I do today. She sacrificed and made a way for me and my family. She has truly blessed us, which ties into the first tattoo, and was always there for me when I was younger.

Q: What’s the coolest thing your tattoos have ever done for you?
A: Well, as a disclaimer, I never really got a tattoo thinking it was going to ‘do’ something for me. They’ve always made me stand out from the crowd. My girlfriend swears that it was one of the first things she noticed about me before we actually even met.

Q: Have you ever put anything weird on your tattoos?
A: When I started getting tattoos and constantly going into different shops, I noticed that the products the artists would recommend really varied. I was told to use A+D by one, vaseline by another and, by some, not to put anything on it. It always made me a little hesitant because this is my body; I want to make sure I’m doing exactly what I should in order to take care of it and make sure nothing I do now will affect me later on down the road.

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