Relationship Tattoos: The Pro's and Con's

Before you head to the tattoo shop to get your lover’s name tattooed on you this Valentine’s Day, give our list of pros and cons a look.


PRO: It’s forever

What better way to say to your significant other that you plan on being together forever than with a little permanent ink in the shape of their name? How romantic.

CON: So you thought it was forever?

You’ve finally come around to deleting the pictures, and all their things just went out with trash. Right when you were starting to forget, you glance in the mirror and there, staring back you, is a permanent reminder of love gone wrong. Some people believe name tattoo’s jinx a relationship. Were they right all along?

PRO: Everyone can see it!

You no longer have to worry about being “that person.” You know, the one who uses every conversation topic as an opportunity to bring up their significant other. Now, people will ask you!

CON: EVERYONE can see it.

Yes, that’s right – your family, your boss, your friends who may laugh at you and question your life choices. While name tatts are sure to start conversations, you might not always want to talk about them. Maybe consider getting this tattoo in a place that’s easily covered.

PRO: Easy to get

Depending on your choice of font, text tattoos have the potential to be some of the simplest to get.  

CON: Painful to lose

The only thing worse than the pain you feel every time you look at your ex’s name is the pain you’ll feel getting it off. It should come as no surprise that tattoo removal isn’t enjoyable – for yourself or your wallet.


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